Terms & Conditions for DeSIRE

  1. All ideas to reduce Town Council's expenditure are welcome. However, they must be original and constructive, and of relevance to estate maintenance matters only.
  2. All submissions should be in the standard format supplied by our Council for easy administration and evaluation. All ideas accepted by the Council will be rewarded as follows:
    1. a souvenir as a token of appreciation for ideas accepted by the Town Council's Estates Committee;
    2. $100/- cash reward will be further rewarded for ideas tabled for deliberation by the Council;
    3. A 2% cash reward with a cap of $5,000.00 based on the net savings for the 1st year for ideas implemented by the Council;
  3. Decision made by the Council on the award will be final. No further appeal or dispute will be entertained.
  4. The Council reserve the right to make use of the ideas submitted for publicity purposes.