Functions of our Town Council

Estate Maintenance

a  Maintain lifts, water pumps, electrical installation and carparks

b  Undertake conservancy and cleaning works

c  Provide 24-hour essential lift maintenance and rescue services

d  Landscaping and horticulture maintenance

e  Flushing of water tanks


a  Collect rent and loan installments on behalf of HDB

b  Collect Service & Conservancy charges

Improvement/ Cyclical Works

a  Undertake repairs and re-decorations(R & R), re-roofing and estate improvement works

b  Replace water and booster pump sets

c  Upgrading of facilities at common areas


a  Issue Temporary Occupation Licence(TOL) for use of common areas, and permits for use of void decks and other facilities

b  Control obstruction at shop fronts and passageways

c  Enforcement on illegal parking